no one like mama,   mama WARRA.

always happy to be in Shalom.

your welcome

Anna and Joyce are shalom children.  where by Martha is the daughter of their  sponsor.
She was at the orphanage at April for


Boxing Day

After Celebrating Christmas, Mama Warra and Shalom Children visited near by family and share some of the gifts to those who are living in difficult condition.


2015 Christmas at Shalom Orphanage Centre (SOC)

Christmas service at SOC

  • Shalom Sound of Praise and Elim choir performed. 
  • We had a shower of Holy Ghost.
  • it was great!!!


 Christmas lunch


 Evening on Christmas

  • We hiked to Moram mountain 
  • Spend the evening on cool and fresh air
  • we had a good view of Karatu town 
  • and enjoyed the Christmas